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Quiet Stories

Quiet Stories is my sixth exhibition, took place in the children's library. Probably the hardest job for me. After this project, I improved my communication skills with the heroes of photography. Children who do not hear and do not speak - speak without words with the viewer. We always have something to learn from them.

A world without men - The Start of Eve

This is my first exhibition. In this story I thought of an idea that in this world woman came to life first and not men, like it is widely believed. And now my Eve, walks, flutters in the newly created world, admires herself, she is strong and beautiful, is in complete harmony with herself and the surrounding nature. The world around is – mountains, the sea and the forest - all that I myself love so much.

Naked Bouquet

The exhibition is dedicated to beautiful, strong people and flowers. The combination of flowers and bodies is like the most beautiful bouquet in the world, because flowers are always present at significant events for people.

MY - Mykolaiv

Mykolaiv is a city with 230 years of history, its streets can tell a lot for someone who is willing to watch. For more than a year and a half I have been preparing this exhibition dedicated to the city in which I live, in it the combination of the art nudes of photography with architecture. In order to show the beauty and originality of the city, its history, which unfortunately residents began to forget ...


Photos about people who live on the street. Without the idea of “home” that is familiar to most people, their home is an endless street.

Victory - My friend got sick

These photos are very heavy for me. Throughout the illness, I took photos of my friend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through pain, chemotherapy, flights to another country for treatment, depression, despair - she was a strong girl and won! I am very glad that the disease is gone. I love you, Yana!


I took these photographs at the rehabilitation center for people who fell into difficult life circumstances ... People after the fight against drug addiction, alcoholism; people who lived on the street, orphans, people after prison .. And all sorts of different stories happen in this amazing life. This became the object of my observations.